Revolutionary Fiberglass Siding: Light, Strong, Eco-Friendly And Built To Last

If you are considering new siding for your home, and have done the basic research, you’re aware there are a variety of choices for materials, including vinyl, wood, fiber cement, stucco, metal and rock.

Each siding choice carries strengths and drawbacks. However, there is a revolutionary new option available to homeowners looking for low-maintenance siding that has an appearance that will last, benefitting return-on-investment while offering the bonus of being an eco-friendly choice made from a sustainable material.

That product is the APEX siding system. The fiberglass siding is manufactured using a unique process that begins with fiberglass filaments made from sand and ends with a siding material superior in performance to all other popular options.

AskAMEK is pleased to bring the APEX siding system to Minneapolis St. Paul area homeowners as it is ideally suited for the region’s extreme weather conditions.

Apex Fiberglass SidingConsider:

  • It is one-third the weight of fiber cement, yet tests show it’s strength resists warping, twisting and buckling and withstands temperatures from minus-30 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • That same strength offers a durability that provides a high resistance to impact damage that causes dents, dings, splintering or chipping.
  • The system offers a range of bold, rich colors in a superior acrylic finish that is significantly harder and four-times thicker than factory-applied paint on other popular siding.
  • The acrylic finish is integrated into the siding during manufacturing adding to its durability and ability to maintain its color.
  • As fiberglass, the siding is virtually unaffected by moisture and the swelling and contracting it brings. Rodents also detest it and it is impervious to insects.

In addition to the innate advantage of APEX fiberglass siding (attested by it exceeding the International Code Council AC 92 testing specifications,) the APEX system also has advantages in its integrated installation system:

  • In addition to the siding being impervious to water, the siding is installed with unique, factory-applied water management clips that a drainage and ventilation space should water manage to get between the siding and house.
  • Because it is one-third the weight of fiber cement siding, can be handled easily by one person and has a job-site toughness built-in APEX siding offers fast, efficient instillation.
  • That efficient installation, coupled with an advanced interconnecting component system, decreases installation time and cost.

The Minneapolis St. Paul climate offers extremes which stress home siding which makes the APEX siding system ideally suited for homeowners desiring a low-maintenance siding that will hold its appearance, resist the elements and sustain the environment.

A recent study showed that siding replacement with fiber cement returned 70% of the investment when the home sold. Given the superiority of new APEX siding over fiber cement, homeowners installing it are making a solid investment in their home.

To learn more, or get a free estimate to install APEX siding on your home, call AskAMEK today at 952-888-1200.