Ice Dam Prevention A Roofing Contractor Away

With the cooler days and the smell of a new school year in the air, summer is slipping away and fall chores have arrived.

Ice Dam Repair MinneapolisThose likely include winter preparation for a yard and home, including steps to avoid ice dams this winter.

Remember all of those freeze/thaw cycles last winter? The news stories about ice dams plaguing roofs across Minneapolis, St. Paul, and in suburbs from Chaska to Maplewood?

Were friends shaking their head at the cost of hiring a contractor to pressure steam ice dams away?

Avoiding ice dams is best done by preventing them. By now, most Twin Citians know that ice dams form when heat escaping your house rises and melts the bottom of the snowpack on the roof.

The resulting water flows down the roof, but refreezes before it hits the ground. That’s why long icicles are one sign of a potential ice dam and why people rake snow from the edge of their roof.

Water spots on a ceiling are another sign of potential ice dams, but aren’t always caused by water pooling behind an ice dam, seeping through the shingles and dripping on the ceiling.

ice-damAnd, those water spots may not even be the result of an ice dam.

That’s why it makes sense to have professional contractor like AMEK Construction come to your home for an evaluation of your ice dam threat and identify any other source of potential water damage.

Among the items AMEK’s professionals look for to prevent ice dams and water damage:

  • Insulation is effective
  • Proper ventilation in the crawlspace allows for air flow
  • Shingles are instillation correctly
  • Vented bathroom air from showers reaches the outside

AMEK Construction was started by two brothers as a roofing company more than 15 years ago. They’ve since been joined by a third brother and their father and their roofing expertise is even sharper now.

Call an AMEK professional at 952-888-1200 today to evaluate your ice dam risk and provide expertise in mitigating potential water damage.