Newest Replacement Window Options Is Fiberglass

While fiberglass siding is beginning to gain traction among homeowners, the material’s counterpart in replacement windows has been on the market for several years.
Marvin Windows’ Integrity line of doors and replacement windows are made from a proprietary process generating Ultrex&reg pultruded fiberglass.

Ultrex&reg fiberglass is as strong as steel and more than eight times stronger then vinyl, according to Marvin. That strength protects the windows from the elements, including hail, wind and the stray neighborhood baseball.

In fact, the fiberglass replacement windows are strong enough to endure a motocross motorcycle and hockey pucks, as the videos below show.

The patented acrylic finish on the replacement windows is bonded with the surface to prevent dings, scratches, nicks and chipping as well as fading and UV degradation.

That leads to virtually maintenance-free replacement windows and also allows using far less of the material in the window’s profile to maintain strength, meaning there is far more visible glass area allowing more light into a room.

While fiberglass is stronger and more rigid than other types of window material, it also has drastically less expansion and contraction than aluminium, wood/vinyl composite and vinyl … particularly vinyl windows.

Marvin says its fiberglass windows expand and contract more than 800% less than vinyl, putting the material nearly in line with glass. That means the two materials expand and contract nearly in unison making the window far less susceptible to warping, cracking, streaking or distorting.

It’s also estimated that fiberglass replacement windows will last nearly 40% longer than their vinyl counterparts.

Because fiberglass is made using sand as its base material the material is considered very eco-friendly.