Legal Consulting

Legal Consulting Services

AMEK has a long history of supporting both defense and plaintiff parties by providing unbiased and accurate input in mediations, arbitrations, and litigation.

Services offered:

  • Assess Construction Methods on Exterior Stucco, Siding, Roofing, Door and Window Installations
  • Diagnose Sources of Moisture Intrusion, including a Scope of Correction and Repairs
  • Determine Cost of Repairs to Correct Faulty Installation
  • Provide Standard of Care Review for all types of Property Restoration Projects, including Water, Fire, Mold, and Wind damage
  • Perform Site Investigations, to include Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing
  • Make Repair/Maintenance Recommendations
  • Assist Claims Preparation and Defense
  • Participate as an Expert in Litigation Support Services
Principle Investigators

Paul Schmidt
An owner of AMEK
Construction Defect Division Manager
Paul’s Credentials

As one of the owners of AMEK, Paul Schmidt specializes in managing construction projects to repair homes suffering water damage caused by exterior construction projects. He also provides support in disputes about construction defects, with a specialty in exterior stucco and siding systems, door and window installation, and roofing. AMEK is a licensed general contractor in the state of Minnesota. Paul has been involved in hundreds of cases over more than 8 years of construction defect investigations. Paul has also directed seventy stucco renovation projects with flawless results—there has never been a subsequent moisture intrusion problem in the area repaired.

Tom Geoffroy
AMEK HOME911TM Division Manager
Tom’s Credentials

Prior to joining AMEK and heading up its HOME911TM division, Tom Geoffroy for sixteen years co-owned and operated another restoration company that performed all aspects of commercial and residential property mitigation and repairs. He also was a partner in a construction defect forensics firm for nearly ten years, providing expert services to attorneys and insurance companies on both plaintiff and defense teams.

He has achieved the Restoration Industry Association’s highest designations as both a Certified Restorer™ and Water Loss Specialist. Tom has led and performed a number of microbial remediation projects and is an ACAC Certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor. Tom specializes in professional standard of care review for water, fire, and mold damage and performs site investigations to conduct both destructive and non-destructive testing. He also assists in providing claims preparation and defense as well as offering litigation support services.