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Construction_Defects_MInneapolisMinneapolis Construction Defects: Explanations & Estimates

Many times construction defects are not an easy fix. AMEK Exteriors’, a Minneapolis construction defects company, aims  to genuinely take care of the problem that caused the damage and not just the easy cover-up “fix”. We value providing homeowners, attorneys, engineers, and homeowner associations with detailed explanations on how we are going to rectify problems and provide estimates on what it takes to eliminate the trigger that led to the problem as well as put things all back together – either matching to what existed or improving the exterior materials and appearance. We have our own process to calculate estimates, so they are accurate and competitive.

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Minneapolis CotY Award Winner 2015

admin : December 11, 2015 11:22 pm : Construction Defects, Design, Residential, Siding, Windows

Owner Paul Schmidt, Field Manager Jim Hansel, Painter Tony Rodriguez, Owner Matt Schmidt

An exterior design and renovation project in Minneapolis recently earned a 2015 Contractor of the Year (CotY) award from the National Association of Remodeling Industry – Minnesota Chapter. The CotY recognizes excellence in remodeling projects.

Led by AMEK owner Paul Schmidt and field manager Jim Hansel CRPM, the exterior design project began with the challenge of doing extensive remediation construction work before beginning the exterior design makeover. Due to the improper installation of a second story in the 1980s, water was trapped inside the walls which caused large-scale rot and mold. Once the removal and repair work was done, the transformation could begin to create a modern appearance with an accent of warmth.

More pictures & information here.

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Water Damage Minneapolis, MN: The Risks to Your Home

admin : May 20, 2013 4:28 pm : Building Health, Construction Defects

Water damage in your Minneapolis, MN home can be a huge headache. Water can cause a variety of problems from warping and rotting wood to peeling wallpaper and ruining drywall, carpeting and rugs.

While those are the cosmetic and structural problems related to water in your home, a major health concern results when that water causes mold to form inside a house.

Mold can form in your home when stagnant water combines with naturally occurring mold spores in the air to create a growth of mold.

Common health problems associated with mold include aggravation of asthma, skin and eye irritation, symptoms similar to hay fever such as sneezing, runny nose, red eyes and a skin rash.

In extreme cases, “black mold” can grow which is considered a toxin and can cause loss of energy, bouts of coughing and even extreme nausea and vomiting. more »

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Construction Defect Advice on Water-Related Damage To Your Home

admin : August 9, 2012 9:07 pm : Construction Defects, Destructive Testing, Siding

As experts in Minneapolis construction defects, we see a variety of issues affecting home owners. While there are many types of construction defects that can occur to a home, water-related construction defects can be among the most damaging and long-lasting.

Typically water-related construction defects occur when water seeps into a home’s wall from the outside, getting behind the home’s exterior siding and into the framing. Once water reaches the framing long-term damage such as wood rot and mold can occur.

While water-related defects can occur with any siding, stucco siding is known to be particularly vulnerable. There are potential legal remedies to water-related construction defects, including any warranties associated with the construction or provisions in the building contract.

Part of any legal process includes a defect investigation, and no matter the legal outcome homeowners should get the problem fixed.

When choosing a contractor to repair a construction defects involving water damage it makes sense to find a firm that does construction defect investigations for law firms, provides expert witness testimony if the case goes to trial and also repairs the problem.

AMEK Custom Builders is such a firm. AMEK co-owner Paul Schmidt manages the company’s siding division and has investigated hundreds of cases of water-related construction defects and has personally directed more than 70 stucco renovation projects.

AMEK was among the first Minnesota contractors to replace leaking stucco siding with new fiberglass siding. Images of the work show what can happen when water seeps behind a home’s siding.

AMEK’s siding and construction defect water damage expertise is what prompted the firm to help pioneer fiberglass siding in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area.

That’s because the fiberglass siding is not only water resistant, but the APEX fiberglass siding system used by AMEK includes an innovative water management system that keeps water from seeping into the house frame.

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