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Construction_Defects_MInneapolisMinneapolis Construction Defects: Explanations & Estimates

Many times construction defects are not an easy fix. AMEK Exteriors’, a Minneapolis construction defects company, aims  to genuinely take care of the problem that caused the damage and not just the easy cover-up “fix”. We value providing homeowners, attorneys, engineers, and homeowner associations with detailed explanations on how we are going to rectify problems and provide estimates on what it takes to eliminate the trigger that led to the problem as well as put things all back together – either matching to what existed or improving the exterior materials and appearance. We have our own process to calculate estimates, so they are accurate and competitive.

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APEX Fiberglass Siding Limits Water Damage

admin : June 11, 2012 9:07 pm : Construction Defects, General, Siding

Water damage resulting from seepage behind house siding can cause health problems for those in the home because of the mold that can form inside the walls.

It can also prove costly to tear off the siding, do mold remediation and re-side the house.

Such water damage is known to occur with improperly installed stucco siding, but can occur with all types of siding.

The newest siding technology — fiberglass siding — helps resolve potential water and mold damage in several ways. First, fiberglass is water and rot resistant and won’t expand and contract with the weather, which opens up the opportunity for water to penetrate the siding. info

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Chanhassen Home First In State To Replace Leaking Stucco With New Fiberglass Siding

admin : July 13, 2011 6:45 pm : Construction Defects, Siding

A Chanhassen, Minn., home is among the first homes in the state to be protected by a revolutionary new siding made from fiberglass.

The home is one of only a half-dozen installations in Minnesota using Apex Siding, affiliated with Marvin, and is the first stucco-replacement project to be completed in the state. The replacement siding was installed as part of a larger structural renovation to repair damage caused by water infiltrating the home’s stucco exterior.

The project was designed, managed and constructed by AMEK Custom Builders of Bloomington.

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The homeowners contacted AMEK after watching the company repair decaying framing on a nearby home also caused by water getting behind stucco siding. That homeowner chose cement-fiber for replacement siding

“The homeowners were interested in using James Hardie fiber cement siding like their neighbor,” said Paul Schmidt, AMEK’s siding specialist and project manager. “We went over all the options with them and after learning all the pros and cons they chose the Apex Siding System.” more »

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