Waconia Lakeside Home

When a new home isn’t what the owner expected, and discovery of exterior water damage yields a court-ordered repair, it would be easiest for a contractor to restore the home to its original look.

But AMEK Custom Builders can help that homeowner turn the defect into a dream opportunity, which is exactly what happened with a Waconia widower.

While repairing the water damage was the first priority, AMEK was able to offer her a vision of using new materials and the deck she desired to transform her home into something greater than the sum of its parts.

AMEK’s designers presented optional looks using a variety of amounts of latest stone, shake and siding to convert the one-tone stucco into a nuanced, detailed design giving her home a unique look in her neighborhood.

See how AMEK was able to help her bring her dream home to life by turning damage into opportunity.

Construction Defect - Waconia Home