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The AMEK family are trusted in the Minneapolis and St. Paul region as custom builders and remodelers who have worked with local homeowners for 16 years. But did you know the roots of the family business are in roofing?

Twin brothers Andrew and Matt Schmidt began the business in 1996 roofing homes themselves and have built the business based on the four tenets of honesty, integrity, trust and building relationships.

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Have curling shingles? AMEK is a specialist in replacing curling shingles as our CertainTeed Shingles 5-Star Confidence rating affirms.
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Curling Shingles? AMEK Construction Can Help

Do you have shingles on your roof that look like they’ve been there far longer than they have? Do they make you nervous? Fear you may be susceptible to water damage because of them?

If they are asphalt shingles, and you see the edges of the shingles curling up, you may have a specific type of shingle manufactured by Certainteed that has a known defect.

Certainteed, one of the country’s oldest and most-respected shingles manufacturers, learned of the defect on a few lines of the many types of shingles they make and is helping homeowners protect their houses from the curling shingles through a fund to help them pay a portion of the replacement cost.

Because curling can happen to all types of shingles, not just the affected Certaineed lines, homeowners may want to seek an experienced roofer to help evaluate their shingles and discover if they qualify to make a claim.

AMEK Construction has been replacing roof shingles in the Minneapolis St. Paul area for more than 16 years and has extensive experience with Certainteed products in general and the Certainteed shingles prone to curling in particular.

AMEK has earned the trust of past customers by helping them make a curling shingles claim and offering honest professionalism during the roof replacement.

The company is based in Bloomington, but does roof replacements across the Twin Cities.

For a free roof consultation contact AMEK Construction at 952-888-1200 or simply fill out the contact form on the right side of this page.

Solar Shingles In Minneapolis St. Paul Part II

Do you know that on the hottest of summer days renewable energy provides 13% of the electricity used in Minnesota?

How about that the mandate to utilities increases to 25% by 2025?

While the current renewable energy comes from large-scale projects — think wind farms — products coming to market allow homeowners to integrate renewable energy sources directly into their homes, mainly through solar power.

Solar power has long been available to Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area homeowners through solar panels attached to their roof, but those solar panels are bulky, expensive and lack aesthetics.

Unlike panels, new solar products seamlessly integrate with a roof. At the leading edge are DOW Powerhouse solar shingles and new, thin flat panels from Certainteed. Continue reading Solar Shingles In Minneapolis St. Paul Part II

Solar Shingles In Minneapolis, St. Paul Part 1

Call them a new generation of residential solar panels … or, better yet, call them what they are being dubbed: solar shingles.

Whatever you call them a new wave of residential roofing products are becoming available in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area that seamlessly integrate generation of solar power into your home.

These products turn your home into a mini power plant, generating electricity used in the home and, in many states including Minnesota, generating power that can be sold to your utility to add a credit to your electrical bill.

While part of the advancement is technical — thinner, more flexible solar cells — the key for homeowners is these roofing products look and act like other roofing material.

They are installed like any other shingle by regular roofing contractors who don’t require special training. The shingles naturally adhere to one another to pass electricity between them, meaning there are no wires required for individual shingles. Continue reading Solar Shingles In Minneapolis, St. Paul Part 1

Invest Now To Avoid Ice Dam Expense Later

With summer turning to fall in the Minneapolis area many folks may have creeping thoughts of last winter’s tough tales of expensive ice-dam damage across the Twin Cities.

ice-damThe damage can be hazardous, expensive, inconvenient and a potentially troublesome disclosure when selling a home.

In other words, it pays to avoid ice dams by making a modest investment now to avoid writing larger checks later. Continue reading Invest Now To Avoid Ice Dam Expense Later

Proud To Have Earned CertainTeed Shingles 5-Star Confidence

When looking for a roof contractor in the Twin Cities a homeowner has a dizzying array of choices. Contractors large and small, new and established all claim the highest-quality products and service at the best price.

Roof Contractor GauranteeBut given that all those roofer claims sound akin to the notion that Lake Wobegon is a place where “all kids are above average,” what is a homeowner to do when needing an honest evaluation of the condition of their roof or is seeking a truly high-quality roof replacement? They can look for a third-party evaluation of the roof contractor, and what’s a better evaluation than one from a manufacturer providing a warranty on the work quality of roof contractors they have selected to install their product? Continue reading Proud To Have Earned CertainTeed Shingles 5-Star Confidence