Invest Now To Avoid Ice Dam Expense Later

With summer turning to fall in the Minneapolis area many folks may have creeping thoughts of last winter’s tough tales of expensive ice-dam damage across the Twin Cities.

ice-damThe damage can be hazardous, expensive, inconvenient and a potentially troublesome disclosure when selling a home.

In other words, it pays to avoid ice dams by making a modest investment now to avoid writing larger checks later.

If you escaped last winter unscathed by ice dams you feel fortunate, but also may be wondering about ice dams this winter. You aren’t alone. And you may not be able to assess your risk.

Ice dams form when heat in your home escapes upwards, warms the roof which melts the snow which runs to the colder roof’s edge where it freezes into a brick of ice.

Water from the still-melting snow then pools behind the ‘dam’ of ice and seeps underneath the shingles, through the roof and leaks into your home’s walls.

With stories of ice dams blaring through Minneapolis headlines this winter some people paid crews to come and use steam to remove existing ice dams before they caused damage. Those crews cost hundreds of dollars an hour and could take days to complete the job.

A more affordable solutions is to take the time this summer to have a seasoned roofing professional take a close look at your roof and attic crawlspace to evaluate your risk of ice dams next winter.

That’s where the pros at AskAMEK can help. The family owned and operated business has nearly 15 years of roofing experience and has worked hard from Day One to establish and maintain a reputation of integrity and affordability.

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